As Araz Mekatronik, we offer machinery manufacturing, software and automation solutions to leading companies operating in different sectors, especially white goods and automotive.

On the way we started as Araz Mechatronics in 2020; We aim to offer solutions to our business partners all over the world by combining our past experiences with dynamism and excitement.


In the field of mechatronics, we design, manufacture, and prototype systems for all kinds of mechanical, electronic, and software-based product development requirements.

We offer solutions based on trust and efficiency to our business partners with our team of entrepreneurial spirit, innovative, energetic, young, followers of technological innovations, dynamic, solution-oriented, and passionate about their work.


Workshop Area

2500m 2

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Our Mission

As Araz Mekatronik, we always provide high-quality, innovative, and advanced solutions by understanding the needs and expectations of our customers in the most accurate way. To ensure customer satisfaction in domestic and international markets with our young, dynamic, experienced, continuously developing staff and high-quality service understanding in the design, manufacturing, automation, and service stages.

Araz Mekatronik

Our Vision

By transforming digitalization into a way of life in all business processes and components of our company, to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers, to follow the latest developments in the world, and to reflect these developments in our work in accordance with Industry 4.0 technology and to announce our brand to the whole world.

Araz Mekatronik

Our Values

We adopt a human and solution-oriented approach that creates value for all our stakeholders, respects the environment we live in, with the goal of lifelong learning.

Araz Mekatronik

Our Team

Our team, whose average age is 26, is open-minded, constantly improving itself by following innovations, and passionately committed to its business, guides your projects in the field of mechatronics by understanding your needs and speaking your language and provides support so that you can increase your productivity.

As Araz Mechatronics, we are working to reflect the team spirit we have created together with our administrative employees, field team, and management staff in all our projects.

Araz Mekatronik

Our Quality Approach

The basis of our quality approach is to maximize the satisfaction level of our customers by always meeting the needs and expectations of the customers we serve in the most accurate and high-quality way and to be able to realize all of these with the highest efficiency and add value to the customer.

We aim to become a sought-after and trusted company in our sector with the participation of all of our employees and to ensure continuous improvement in our business processes; to create the most reliable brand reputation and feeling among our competitors in the sector without compromising product and service quality.

Araz Mekatronik

Machining Workshop

As Araz Mekatronik, the core of our business is to accurately determine the needs of customers and to produce the most appropriate, high-quality solutions. For this, we believe that good engineering knowledge and experience should be supported by machining quality. Thanks to the investments we have made, we have a machine park that can easily meet the different demands of different sectors. In addition, We attach importance to machinery investments to improve our capability and capacity.